Life Is Sunny

  My girl Sunny has been my most loyal client since I started my hairdressing career a few years ago. Aside from being my sweet client she and I used to work together 8 years back. When I met her she had any old random name tag on and it read Sunny. Thats not her name, its Kristine but I have never called her Kristine. She looks like a Sunny. Since reconnecting a few years ago I started working on her hair and I have learned a lot, let me tell you. Aside from learning alot about the chemistry side of cosmetology I have also taken an interest in all natural or mostly natural products because this little lady lives a natural lifestyle. After a few years of sporting the California Girl look she is now back to , well..natural. Aside from going back to natural we added a full head of micro bead extensions. She is the best client for feedback on the micro beads because she is a touring dancer that flips her hair around a lot! When she isnt touring on stage with the latest singers, or on tv with her dance crew then shes perfecting her craft in acting with classes, auditions and image upkeep! In my very humble opinion I think Punky Brewster needs to make a comeback and Sunny needs to be cast as the star.

Oh My God Becky...Look At Her.....