Family Heirlooms

As many of you know, I recently got married to my love of almost 6 years, Michael. He is from Philadelphia but his bloodline is from Wales. Me, Im a Persian girl living in Los Angeles. Christian and Muslim living happily ever after, sweet, isnt it?. Some of the fun things we are creating as a married couple is uniting our cultures and heritage to fit our family. We have a very colorful and rich in culture bunch. In our home I have had antique teacups that I have collected over time from various antique shops displayed in my kitchen garden/relaxation area. I also have a very old antique Iranian Samovar that belonged in my family. I also have a small collection of hookahs that I have on display. So basically, I wanted an area to mix and match the two cultures, English and Iranian. The area is one of my favorites in my home and recently my MIL Bonnie sent me an antique teacup shelf with various double handled teacups that have been in the family for many years. I was given permission to make them mine in anyway Id like so I decided to paint the shelf black. I am so happy to own these now and receive such a thoughtful family welcoming gift. I have been told that soon I will see photos of the women that owned these pieces. I like having these around, I like having the energy in the house.


  1. This post reminds me an observation from Mr.Bakshi- an indian writer ,said about US - "Nobody is foreigner here(US),actually everybody came here from the foreign countries and being american is their second identity". I also greatly admire this system which encompasses all the cultures and religions and so people can share and broaden their views,accepting new ideas, creativity etc.

    By the way here also in India huge presence of Parsi community,they used to speak very sweet gujarati language(my native!)they are also very successful business persons and having peaceful attitude.I need to ask -have you ever been in India so far?

    Here is one more devotional, loving music-

  2. Niral~ thank you so much for the comment. Mr Bakshi is right, everyone did come from another country, here in USA. We are indeed a large melting pot. Coexisting beautiful, or at least trying...
    Gujarati...I have never heard of that language but it sounds beautiful. Im quite curious now about how it sounds. I havent had the blessings to travel to India, not yet. I hope to one day!!

    1. Thanks Sara for the reply,you both are most welcome to India to experience 3000 yrs old magnificent heritage.