Elegant Updo

I love sleek hairstyles, I like hair to be out of the face and adorned with a little accent of some sort. I bought this retro pin a little while ago and turned it into a hair accessory. Little secret of mine, when my hair is up in a fancy design it usually means my hair is dirty and to save time before going out I wrap it up in fancy do. Its much easier to work with updos when hair is dirty, if its clean it just becomes harder and more work to get every hair in the right place. I like this look, could be used in a wedding, photo shoot, business dinner or if your that type of lovely lady, you know the kind Im talking about


  1. Jessi6:25 PM

    Sara thank you for your gifted touch on my hair and makeup. My hair style stayed put all through the night and my makeup was picture perfect. Totally worth the 2 hour time slot. I kept my lashes and will be attempting to reuse them on my next tour. So thankful I met you at the shoot. Well be seeing each other soon