Toasting Love

We had a little get together with our friends to toast our marriage (we eloped 2.22). 
I was also elated to see friends that I have not seen since I was a very young girl. It was a great party with positive energy all around. Michael and I would glance over at each other from across the room and know the other was happy to see all
these smiling faces and happy to be husband and wife.

We also showed a clip from our wedding video, maybe I can wrangle something up for my blog too. As many of my friends now know, I had 3 wedding dresses. Michael and I totally tailored our special day to how we wanted it. So naturally, we turned it into a bit of an all day photo shoot. The photo below is how I looked the first time Michael saw me. Under our magnolia tree in our backyard we posed for photos before heading out with the most amazing photographer that I know of. That says a lot because I know many talented and unique photographers. I have known and worked with Ed from Ed Burns Photography for many years now and anytime photography is mentioned, Michael and I always think of Ed. His work is unparalleled and he has a very unique way of guiding and shooting images. Along with us was also another incredible artist, videographer Derek Smith. He drove up from San Diego to capture our romantic day. We have 2 videos (how fitting) as well, one for family and one for friends. 

I have a strong feeling my blog will have a few posts on my marriage. I am definitely one of those happy girlies. I love my husband, I love my home and my life. Thanking God every night and day for giving me a piece of happiness in this lifetime. Giving me something special and pure. To all our friends that came out, THANK YOU. Merci!!

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