I love spa days, who doesnt? Every time I leave a spa session I feel rejuvenated aside from looking like a weirdo because Im constantly touching my skin. I love how soft my skin gets after the spa. Nikki and I squealed like little girls when we got to G20. We had an afternoon of pampering ahead of us.

Sorry about the photo, it looks like a bad acid trip because I did my best to get the people out of the photo. I snagged the photo off their site, it is the private room we stayed in. 45 minutes of awesome bliss. Rainforest showers and steam filled the room. The lights above changed color while natural rainstorm sounds played through the speakers. Other than the sparkling ceiling there were no lights on which heightened our senses. We were given 2 bowls, one with a creamy cleanser and another bowl of what looked like pepper. It was an herb exfoliant that made our bodies feel silky smooth and youthful. When we were done with the room we went upstairs to the rooftop for some rest and relaxation...then we went into their Brine room for some cool iced air relaxation. I keep dreaming of that day...

If youre in Boston or are planning a trip there soon then I highly recommend booking an appointment with G2O, your body will thank you.

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  1. Terry O'Kinley9:38 AM

    Just did, thanks to you! So excited for my Saturday morning appointment