Friday the 13th...

When I was 23 I got my first taste of the east coast. My sister and I had a vacation exploring a majority of New England. On Halloween we went to Salem Massachusetts and I fell in love with the place. The homes, the stores and history are so rich and detailed that you cant help but imagine what it was like to live in that time. I bought a keychain back then that I have used all these years. I guess you can say Im highly sentimental. I love holding onto things that have made an impact on me. Some people opt for tattoos, I have physical objects, LOL. Anyways, this time around I visited Salem on Friday the 13th..

 Of course I had one place in mind, The Burying Point cemetery. My all time favorite grave is there, off to the corner of the cemetery, away from the rest...
The graveyard isnt very big but it cherishes many lives that were part of Salem back when so much of our history was being made. The Salem Witch Trials stories still send chills up my spine and the area that once victimized, tortured, instilled fear and death is now a tourist location for all to see. So crazy to see how time changes things...

 Theres the grave.. one of the most profound quotes, "there is a world above, where parting is unknown; a long eternity of love, formed for the good alone.....

My best friend Nikki and I had a great time reading tombstones and taking photographs at sunset. Such a beautiful place and the house on the corner is rather creepy. I wonder what happened in that house, or what still happens...


  1. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Dorood Sara! :-)
    Scary pictures! But the ones you are in realy lights them up :-)......I specially like the second last (pic 9) but also here the pic would be scary if you where not that pic one can also see that u are very beautiful and pretty :-) ...I like that little red/brown hair fringe, very cute :-)

    About the horrible things that happend in this town and other town not only in the us but also in europe in that time ....the pic 5 brings that scary feeling out :-( :-P

    Btw the pic with u and your friend (pic 8) is very nice too :-)....two cute girls in one pic!

    Take care :-)
    Khoodafez doostam,

  2. Are you ever not wearing black? You belong there with the witches. Love you

  3. Is this ur dare to "friday 13" or your love for the cemetery places? ...whatever Sara, you look absolutely stunning in this stylish you.

  4. Patrick, thank you so much for the comment!! Its crazy to think about the things that happened then. Its also crazy to think about the things that are happening now!! LOL. I do love reading about that stuff....

    T- Thank you for the comment!! ...dont make me cast a spell on you !! =)

    Niral- thank you for the comment!! This wasnt a dare, but very much indeed something that sprung from my love of these sort of curiosities.. Youre very kind to say such sweet things.