European Styling

 A midnight adventure stroll on Via Nazionale in Rome uncovers the influence of style and beauty that Italians are so well known for. Their mannequins have fun and funky hairstyles and unique makeup styles. Feather lashes, fan lashes,earrings, jewelry and other fun accessories, they style them up completely. I love that! Its not that we in America dont have that, its just not often that mannequins are so well put together.

Its not strange to see women in Europe sporting different wigs regularly. I actually think its brilliant. Style is self expression and some of us really have the need to be blonde at the beginning of the week but be a redhead on the weekends. Italian wig shops carry a wide range of styles from short, purple and spiky to long and natural. Its fun observing how a certain place displays what is "beautiful". Its interesting to notice how a community influences its residents and those that visit.

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