Back To Natural

From dark to light and now back to dark. Sunny here is my most loyal client and has been with me since beauty school days. Whats even better is that we go even further back to the days at the Hoot! When I was in beauty school a few years back we ran into each other and instantly picked up where we left off. I have learned so much through working on her hair. Shes been my proof that a level 2 can be lifted to a level 9+..without toning at that! She has extremely thick and strong hair and we didnt want to push our boundaries too far. After a few years of enjoying life as a blonde we decided to give her hair a break and go back to natural. Her whole look changed and just as easily as she was able to wear her hair blonde, she is now turning heads as a brunette. This week we are even taking her look a little further..stay tuned!

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