When In Rome


It has been a lifelong wish to travel to Italy. I love the food, cars, fashion, beauty and architecture!! Being able to share my first experience with my husband (still feels weird saying that, I love it) was more than I could have dreamed of. We stayed in Rome and took in so many sights that I havent been able to choose which photos to post. The Vatican, Sistine chapel, churches, Popes cemetery, museums, Spanish Steps, gelato, kissing in the streets and rubbernecking passed every street. Fountains with the most detailed and sophisticated sculptures were everywhere. Both my baby and I chatted back and forth guessing about life back in the day. 

I searched a photo from the net on the Spanish Steps from the 18th century and snapped my own photo focusing on the little patio on top of the building. Places like that make my mind restless with thoughts...

                     138 steps to the top and what a view to look back down...

Gelato and a red rose...he already has my heart but he loves reminding me how sweet and loving his nature is. Hand in hand, mouths enjoying treats, eyes enjoying history and that feeling of goodness being with the love of your life, far away. Away from everyone and everything familiar except for the store names that I know so lovingly; Bvlgari, Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Dior everywhere..even in the airports,I was truly pleased in every sense.

             the shirts above were the size of my hands...and I have very little hands

Italy did it for me, the women are beyond fashionable and the older ladies love wearing their fur. I haven been mistaken for an Italian many times throughout my life, Italians and middle easterners do look a lot a like. Being there made me see what others saw, how easily one can be mistaken for the other. Hair styles in Italy were ALL about the Ombre. Extreme two tone though...dark natural roots and light light mid shaft and ends.I saw a lot of colored liquid eyeliner and not one red set of lips. I kinda dig that.
Sometimes in the states, when one states what is in style, people quickly go overboard and lose originality in their style when they are trying so hard to be stylish. I love Italy, I love Italian food. Coming back to Los Angeles we looked for the best rated Italian restaurant but I was disappointed. My taste buds hadnt ever been so pleased as they were in Roma!


  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    "the shirts above were the size of my hands...and I have very little hands" - the question then is, who are the made for? ;-PP
    BTW have you seen any opera when you were in Rom??....I am an opera-nerd, that is why I ask :-D ;-)

  2. Actually, we stayed in Romes Opera district. Our second night there , they were having a big opera. Women and men dressed to the nines. We didnt go to any though, I did however catch a glimpse inside the theatre from the backstage door. it was amazing!!! Red and gold, everywhere!

  3. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Sara, so thrilled you told me about your blog. This site is wonderful and I still can't help but laugh about our conversation. Even Though I said "just because there are fashion/beauty/style bloggers doesn't mean they are actually in the field" you didn't make me feel retarded with your "oh, check out my beauty blog" comment. Classic me, right?

    Seriously though, great site, fun photos and so much inspiration. My man loved my hair and how soft my face was, totally worth the pain :)

    See you in 3 weeks!

    Love your style,
    Fabulous Alice (lol)

  4. HA HA HA!!!!!! Ali- so funny. I hear ya girl, everyone is a critic now a days, no? oops, I mean..professional bloggers. Nothing wrong with that, honestly. But you have to be able to dedicate a whole lot of hours sitting reading blogs (sometimes its the same story written on 18 different blogs). its the new age to promo modeling. remember those events?? lol...

    smooth face and beautiful hair, whats better than that? enjoy your fabulousness and I'll be seeing you sooner than 3 weeks for services =)
    one word. glitz