No N'hi Ha Prou Amb Una Llengua

("One language is never enough" in Catalan)

After a long 15 hour flight to Barcelona we hit the ground running. Directly after dropping our bags off at the room we headed out to explore and eat!

the architecture was massive, elaborate, detailed and made so very long ago. I was just lost in my imagination when I would walk through the streets and little alleyways. I used to live in Madrid, Spain when I was a little girl but this was my first time in Barcelona. The Catalan region which is where we were staying has its own unique language and though Michael and I surprisingly didnt need any assistance with our Spanish, we found a few words in Catalan hard to understand. Even with the little hiccups we loved every minute of every day we were there.

 The famous Mercat de la Boqueria on Las Ramblas has vibrant colors popping from every angle of your sight. Michael was in heaven with their meats and sausages. I enjoyed looking around and observing how beautiful and fresh their fruit was.

The streets were my favorite because every little alley to look through takes you to another ancient building and history that will send chills up your spine.

Their bread shops were beautifully decorated as well. Something different, like an accountants office, but instead they sold only bread...

 Of course, one cant visit Barcelona without taking in a flamenco show. We searched prior to our trip for the best show Barcelona had to offer, top shelf quality.

Spains foremost aristocratic flemenco club houses the greatest flamenco artists that appear on stage at its famous Tablao Flamenco stage at Cordobes. This is the place where luxury and culture ignite passion and energy within you. There are certain places you visit on your travels that really emphasize the feeling of being away from home. Cordobes did that for us. We first feasted on a delicious mediterranean dinner then went into a special room where the walls were as thick as your body but you could still hear the pounding sounds of the dancers feet from the rooms outside. The decor throughout is artistically breathtaking. The borders of the establishment have hand carved Arabic scripture and mosaic tiles throughout. Catalan is home to the largest muslim population in Spain. The mixing of the two cultures is very rich and very rooted.

 I didnt take any food photos during dinner because its wise to know when not to bring out that camera and come off tacky. Within the last 15 minutes of the show we photographed the dancers. We were just fixated on the passion and maturity that the shows 3, 11 year old artists had. Michael and I truly had goosebumps the whole show. One sang, his voice had the perfect "nahleh" as we say in Farsi. Emotional, powerful strength came from this 11 year old boy as his friend would dance to his songs and the other played guitar. The dancers older brother is actually the star male performer at Cordobes. If you heard what we heard and felt the energy in there then saying that we got emotional is something very understandable. I will never forget those performances. We were treated so kindly, as if they knew we had just gotten married. They sat us in the front row, center, took amazing care of us and made our memories so special. We delightfully bought two lovely dvds with some of their acts and music on it.

I love traveling and I love exploring other countries. Each country has its own unique way that makes me want to live in all the places Ive visited. In America, we can easily feel we are cultured and experienced. Upon traveling, we realize how new we are
and what the definition of cultured really means. I have many photos of Spain, Ill share some on here, in time. Till then, I hope you enjoy these photos and hopefully you will be able to visit Barcelona in your travels, if you havent already.

                                   olĂ© !!!


  1. This is the one place I always tell Eddie that I will visit one day. Cant wait to hear all about it. Congrats again!

  2. I love this blog. I travel all the time and when I'm away I don't say I'm American because of the negative connotation it carries with it in other countries. It's unfortunate but true. Americans are adventurous but naive and arrogant. What we think is grand in the states is every day living in other countries. I want to know about your Italian holiday, it was a matter of time before you went there. You're always raving on about those Italians. We love you and I keep telling my parents how much you're glowing. So happy for your family. More pix, more pix

  3. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Sitting here with Jen talking about your sneaky ass. When does everything slow down for you? We want to come by and hear about your trip. Why am I leaving a comment? I'm going to call you NOW


  4. Anonymous2:59 PM

    I never know where you'll be next or what you'll be doing. Love that about you! Your mystery grows with you. Little Sara is married, and soon you'll have beautiful little children surrounding you. Your life ahead looks great. Best wishes.

  5. WOW! I remember that market from my time in Barcelona! Isn't Las Ramblas so interesting! I really like that photo of you and your S marked heels and that staircase. Thanks for sharing your trip, can't wait to hear more!

    xoxo Jennifer