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This week I reconnected with an old friend, Geeta, from Makeup school and caught up on the last 7 years of life since the days on the Sunset Gower Studios lot. Geeta has had experience in working both coasts and has a wide scope of how makeup differs and connects from west to east. After living in Los Angeles for 28 years she picked up and headed east to New York City with her husband and makeup kit.

I asked her a slew of questions and we picked up where we left off; laughing, talking about style, makeup, creativity and upcoming events. Take a look at her amazing work and if you are in the New York City area, make sure to contact her for a chance to have her work on you! Geeta has 7 successful and creative years of artistry under her belt and works with reputable agencies such as Willy, DNA, Supreme and Trump. She specializes in editorial work so just imagine what she can offer her personal clients!

I asked Geeta a few questions, starting with where her strength in her craft sits strongest and if there is an area on the face she prefers to focus on more than the rest. Her answer is so honest and true.

"My area of expertise is working efficiently and quickly. It's about getting the job done fast but not compromising the quality. I can't say I enjoy working on one part of the face more then others, I think everything is crucial. What I do enjoy most about my job is impacting fashion. It is about finishing the mood/personality and bringing wardrobe and hair to unity with my skill."

BH: What is your favorite makeup tip is and what type of beauty stands out to you the most?

Geeta: My favorite makeup tip is to remind people not to neglect any part of the face if your focal point Is another.  What I mean by this is, if you like to wear heavy eyes don't forget about the foundation or lip even if your lip color is nude. 

Beauty that stands out to me most are the looks that are in symmetry with your fashion assemble. This is kinda the answer to the next question. My favorite style is to make sense. Even if you are going for 'not making sense' you still need strategy otherwise it is easy to get tacky. 

Geeta: I can go on forever with my pet peeves. But the one that kills me is having a different face and neck color. That drives me nuts and always distracts me from the rest of the face infact it distracts me from even listening to the person. 

As MUA's we dont always walk out the door with a fresh coat of beautiful on us. There are times (more often than not) when we dont have any makeup on and our hair is wrapped up out of our face, in a bun. However, that never ever stops us from noticing how other people apply their makeup. Sometimes we have really funny jokes about application and other times its a pet peeve when we see something that doesnt agree with us. I wont turn this post into a long list of "what not to do" but I will share bits and pieces when I can. You can thank me later, Im just doing my part =)

When talking about pet peeves, I have to say, myself and other MUA's will agree with Geeta that 2 tone face/body color is suicide for your look.

So after having experience working on both coasts I asked her what the differences were between the 2 cities if there was one at all...

Geeta: Huge difference! New York, less is more. No false lashes unless they are really a work of art.

My experience, LA makeup artist have photoshop to rely on but in New York everything is quite raw. All the imperfections you see in makeup application make the image work and more believable. 

Make sure to visit her site and set something up for yourself!!

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