Luck Of The Irish

Happy Saint Patricks Day! I hope you all arent hurting too bad in the morning. As for me,   I woke up earlier than you would want to for a Saturday morning but definitely worth every bit of it. I had the pleasure to work a wedding today in Lake Sherwood. The rain was coming down hard and violently in Hidden Valley but it didnt make the scenery any less beautiful. I was a bit early (big surprise) so I took the pulled over and watched the rain and watched the horses run around freely, happily. In my moment of calm before the storm I thought about how blessed the couple were that rain showed up on their wedding day. I know many people its an awful thing to happen but in many cultures rain signifies everything good. Fertility, happiness, longevity, and love for all eternity. As I was thinking about how great it is for God to give his blessings I also realized I needed to use waterproof everything...

When I got to the beautiful home of the brides mother and father I started setting up and organizing all the things I needed. Im starting to see a trend here when it comes to products used. Now, its absolutely safe to say and I wont take any offense in being called a product junky. I use all different kinds of products and I really dont discriminate against any one brand. Do I have favorites? yeah, its starting to show...

I am a huge fan of KETT cosmetics. I will say, the viscosity of their cream foundations is a little thicker than I would normally like but the results are stellar. Wax based but they allow the skin to still breathe. They are all high definition and hydro proof. Great during rainy days or hot sweaty summer days. Im also noticing that I use Make Up For Ever more often than the rest for lips and eyes. One thing I wish they would come out with is an eyeliner that has a brush tip rather than a marker tip. So these two are making their rounds on my makeup table more often than other great brands I use a lot like NYX, Two Faced, Dinair, Dior, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Laura Mercier and the list goes on and on..

So, come rain or shine, Im ready, with my back breaking supply of products that keeps growing every month. Now dont get me started on skin prep, thats a whole other beast (and another blog post).

So by the time I was done with what easily became one of the most luxurious weddings Ive ever worked on, I rushed home to take off my work clothes and get in my fleece pjs and robe., I know. I wouldnt change it for anything though. I spent time with my family and we watched movies, ate some yummy grub and cheered our hearts out for Martinez winning yet another great fight.

So as the wedding is probably still going down in traditional Irish style we here at our house are still watching shows and eating treats every hour. We get rain for 1 day and we are already packing on our winter "winter is coming"

I sign off wishing S&B a beautiful life together and an amazing trip to Ireland tomorrow morning. Funny to think it was just around 2 weeks ago that Michael and I were there.

Alright, time for us to catch up on another episode of Face Off... never ends....


  1. Aw, you have officially become domesticated. Trading late night partying for a home cooked meal and bonding with kin. Peeps that are into family activities aren't as dull as it once seemed, right? Besides, a person that picks their family over partying has had their share of nights out in their time. Enjoy your evening

  2. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Aha Saint Paticks Day niiice :-PPP ....I did not remember lol.......It is still spring-winter in sweden and a couple of weeks ago I fell down because of the treacherous new-snow that had covered the ice-y old snow....I did not hurt my self :-)) but the feeling i quite strange (and funny - as long as you don´t hurt your self ofcause!!!!!) second you are out walking the next you feel like both you legs in the air :-PPP.....


  3. I love my family, I love going out too. I will admit though I'm a bit of a snob at times when going out. I don't like to just out for the sake of being out. I'm all game when I have an event that sparks interest or what not. Nothing compares to being at home with family. Or being anywhere with family. I've been there done that with a grip of things, but the family life thing is still new and more interesting right now.

    Patrik, what you write of is the story of my life! Lol, seriously, my legs give out on meal the time, I'm always tripping and sometimes when I fall I don't even know why or how it came to be...worst part is, my reflexes are so slow that I won't try to break my fall until it's already too late. Lol, it's a sad yet funny sight to see....feel better now? :)

  4. Meal? That was supposed to say Me All

    Seriously hate touch screen

  5. Anonymous10:52 AM

    haha ok :-))....BUT I hope U DON´T hurt your self though :-(( ....yeeee I am fine now kheily sepazgosaram doostam .....I got a bruse on my hand but not anything more :-))....shodaro skokr....BTW hope u did not mind me puting up that Haft sin picture on your fb wall before ??! ...(I am trying to learn about persian culture like fire night(Chahar shanbeh soori), Newrouz, Haft sin etc.....(it might be silly but it is also because I want an persian girlfriend/wife :-PP)..There are many nice persian girls i my country ;-)) :-p

    Bedrood ta baadan Sara,
    Take care,

  6. Anonymous10:57 AM

    PS. where can the type of font you use on you blog heading be found,if it is possible to get into the other fonts in MS word so I can write things with it?......or did you just create those letters and these is no such font? :-))


  7. Patrik,
    Happy to read you are on the mend. No, I do not mind at all that you posted the beautiful picture on my FB page. The Iranian culture is very unique and mystical. Good for you for reaching out and learning about other cultures. I must also state (not that Im biased or that Persian women love like no other. We have words in our language that we try to translate in other languages to show the affection and love we have for the one in our heart. I hope you soon meet a lovely Persian woman and have your happily ever after..

    I looked up arabic looking font and searched all the websites. To be honest with you, I dont know much about computer stuff. Im rather impressed with myself that I know how to do this blog. lol I used to have a blog with wordpress but it was too difficult for me... to each there own, right? So, look up arabic looking fonts and see what comes up.

  8. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Aly keh salam Sara!

    Thank you kindly!! :-)) Yes I know that the persian language has many special and nice words....I hope to one day master the language as good as english ;-)....or even swedish :-P

    You said: ".....that Persian women love like no other." - I say persian women are lovely like no other, they are IMO intelligent, funny, kind-hearted, empathic and just lovely....based one acquaintances and female persian friends. I could tell you about a girl (persian) whom I meet at school, she made my knees feel like spagetti and my stomach like a breeding cage for butterflys :-P .....but that would be too long :-P

    Kheily mamnoon I will look up arabic and persian fonts online. ;-)

    Khoodafez ta baadan/Ha det bra så länge,