Churches, Museums and Sightseeing In Another Country

The magnificence that is La Sagrada Familia in Spain. I remember the adventures of this day clearly. My baby and I went everywhere! When we reached this massive building we photographed every inch of it in complete excitement and wonder. It is still an active church with open mass at 6. Antoni Gaudi did it big..

How did they make this so long ago? Everything was so detailed and so many different types of art and styles where noticeable in the architecture. The photo above is of the ceiling... it was definitely taller than the Vatican..

You can see my excitement and happiness in my facial expression...bwahahahaha!! I loved visiting all the different places we explored in our far away vacation. Very fun.

I wasnt raised in a religious household. Though I was born muslim my mother stopped practicing it and accepted the Sufi faith in our home. When I saw this door, Im a bit embarrassed to say that I didnt know what it was. My husband, who reads me the bible at night, occasionally, informed my it was the Lords Prayer in different languages. Quite beautiful..

Of course we spent days walking around, stopping for food and I am roaming the streets of Barcelona...

We had purchased tickets to every museum the one we didnt buy was for the Picasso museum. Awesome thing was after waiting in line to get in they told us it was FREE that day!! the palace that the museum is in is actually 5 palaces that are joined together. The aristocrats lived in such gorgeous homes. Michael and I stood at a window upstairs looking out and imagined who all looked through what window in the past.. though the glass was new, you could see how it was set up then...The whole experience was just lovely.

we took 4000 photos, really! Im looking for photos to post that wont
bore me, they are all exciting!


  1. Anonymous5:33 AM

    Nice photos Sara! :-) BTW In picture nr. 10 I can even se words in swedish (...GIV OSS IDAG VÅRT DAGLIGA...) and (...VÅRT DAGLIGA..) ..interesting!!! :-))

  2. Ameneh12:53 AM

    The Lords prayer... One of my favorite!

  3. Patrick I love that you caught that and shared it with me.

    Ameneh, I need a good serious history lesson from you..oh and a religious lesson (you and Michael will have a field day with me). Just transfer everything you know to me =) How did I get so bad at history and religion?

  4. Anonymous2:50 PM

    It´s my plesure Sara :-) kheily khahesh mikonam...or as I would say...varsågod :-)) ;-)


  5. Fredrik7:00 AM

    Amazing pictures Sara!

    That is one majestic bozorge Cathedral! I can't help but feeling so humble and such awe when i walk into those.
    These pictures definitely poked my slumbering mysticism-gene!
    And such a fun detail to see my Swedish language carved into stone. I feel the flapping of the wings of history, mighty!
    Almost feels like it could belong in the beginning of some Omen movie.
    Sculptures, statues, graveyards and old mansions freaks me out so much that i am drawn to them in some weird way.
    Keep those pictures coming =)

  6. Patrick and Fredrik, the favorite Swedish guys!! thank you for your comments. i wish I knew the Swedish language, looks so beautiful

  7. btw- i love how you both know kheili doostdaram

  8. Candice8:11 AM

    You have the best adventures. I want to be you

  9. Anonymous8:34 AM

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