My Love Affair With The Past

 One of my favorite places to work is in an old historic building. I cant really put into words what it is about being in a place that has long existed before me that gives me such a nostalgic feeling but I can say that I can lose myself in my imagination when Im looking around the room and architecture and imagine how it used to be...or what it used to be...

I was assisting lovely Lillian in hair and makeup for a fashion shoot in downtown Los Angeles in the historic Saint Vincents building. At one point the building was once Saint Vincents College. The place is beautiful and the fact that I saw a bunch of kabob and gyro shops means Ill be taking my baby there for some grub.

Of course when we were finished with our models we enjoyed taking photos around the penthouse loft. Our favorite was looking out the windows and seeing the world below in motion. People walking about, cars honking and speeding past, a view of both historic and 'newer' buildings that have made it through all these years. I am so happy to live in such a beautiful state with such rich history in the field that I am apart of. Yes, of course the experience inspired us for midnight shoots and 'remember when' stories...

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  1. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Niiice, but I like old achetechture as well! :-)))
    BTW Happy Valentince Day Sara! :-)))