Micro Bead Hair Extensions

 Good body moving music is so perfect during long appointments. I love getting my playlist together when I have appointments that will take a little longer than usual....
I finally got my chance to do a full head of micro bead extensions. I absolutely love the transformation. We used 100% human hair and it took around 3 hours (time is always dependent on hair density). After putting the hair in I cut and layered to help blend the disconnection. I straightened her hair to see what it would look like if she wants to wear a sleek look. I look forward to servicing more extension clients..


  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Hello Sara Lime, I'm Taryn, I found you on Tumblr and I am so glad I did. I want extensions in my hair so bad but can't afford them at $2500. is there another more affordable option? Does the length adjust the price?
    Thanks, I really love all your work

  2. ho dis? email me, beautyhairem@gmail.com i offer extensions at a really affordable price