They're Brassy, Bold, Hot, & Swathed In Glamour.

Saturday night Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre had a Jean Harlow Pajama Party which was a must to attend. Lillian, a fellow stylist and makeup artist in Los Angeles, and I made our way to watch "Bombshell" and peak around at what they had to offer.

Fun evening, we enjoyed the movie and getting dressed up is always something girls like us enjoy doing...


How glamourous is she? Everything right down to her shoes were perfectly styled as though she stepped out of a 1940s fashion magazine


  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    She is very beautiful :-))) ...I like her little rosette in her hair ;-)) .....I like your hair too Sara, very classy and nice :-)).....the new formate on your blog is very nice is perhaps not new...I have not been here for a while :-PP

    btw the persian/farsi font you use for "Beauty hairem", where can that be found and used? would be fun to use when writing to my persian friends ;-))

    Take care beautiful lady,


  2. Anonymous9:59 AM

    You are both very beautiful women. She has a very vintage style to her. What did your negligee look like? Was it vintage also.