Razor Cut & Fine Weave Highlights

Excuse the poor job on tracing around my model, but with much respect, this is more about the work than the photography and photoshopping.

I was so nervous to take on this client because she wanted her cut done with a razor rather than shears. She's from New York so it goes without saying that she knows what she likes and isnt afraid of going short with some dimension in color. I spoke with her hair dresser in New York to get an idea what has been the customary way to go about her color, just to make sure everything goes as she likes. After I did the fine weave highlights I crossed my fingers and took a deep breath before getting my razor in my hand. Turned out that I LOVE RAZOR CUTS!! when I was done with the overall cut, I was able to go in and sculpt her hair with the razor. I found this far easier than shears...

Anyhow, here it is, its taken me, oh about 2 months to put it up but its finally on here.

If any of you have short hair, ask your stylist to use a razor next time. You can even use it with long hair!!

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