The Beauty In Music


This soul moving piece from Isaac Albeniz inspired me while applying makeup. I was trying Make Up Forever HD foundation (Im #128, Almond) for the first time and I must say, I like the lightweight feel and coverage.My lips and liquid eye liner are also Make Up Forever, Aqua cream color in red and Aqua Eyes liner in black.Not everything is Make Up Forever, just the main~ Skin, Eyes, Lips. Both are waterproof and long lasting.

Of course...20 minutes after applying this style I washed it off and went for pale frosted lips, heavy smoked out eyes and shimmery cheekbones... the song changed to Brigitte Bardot singing Je T'aime.

Aside from makeup, I realized I dont have any red rose hair pieces..I need to rectify this right quick!


  1. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Is it easy to remove? Aqua color is usually harder to just easily remove especially after application, right?

  2. not really, but makeup remover does help!