Music is one of the most important elements in aiding my creativity. As a creative individual  everything around me inspires me but the greatest inspiration comes from music. I have bonded with people over it, been able to express myself through it and since my father was a musician I dont know a single activity that doesnt require it. 

I get emails and facebook messages from friends telling me that I have turned them on to some great music that they have first heard on my blog. That, my friends, makes me very happy. Now I cannot take credit for this band..

Marina and the Diamonds was first introduced to me through someone elses glorious taste in music, yup, Mary posted a song by them and I fell in love with them. thanks girl!


  1. Carmen7:12 PM

    You Persians and your music! Nothing can pull you away. I like this girl but the video is a little strange

  2. Anonymous4:14 AM

    Nice music Sarah :-))) are two songs I like very much, perhaps you might enjoy them too:

    (with Sissel Kyrkjebo)

    (with Placido Domingo)

    Enjoy! ;-) :-)))