Heres a product line for all my male readers, (Thanks for the suggestion,Partik) to look into if youre interested in using quality products on your hair. Ive been familiarizing myself with the salons Italian product line, Alfaparf Milano. They have a generous collection line for all hair types. Whether you have straight, curly, fine or thick hair Alfaparf has a product that will help you achieve your hairs best texture and appearance.

Here is an exclusive beauty and wellness proposal for men, expression of refinement, elegance and Italian style. Uomo is designed for men of all hair textures.

The Energetic shampoo ($18 200ml) cleans the hair and scalp while adding a twist of energy, it has the cooling fresh effect and is suitable for every day use.

The Energetic conditioner ($24 200ml) contains a conditioning cream that enhances hair softness while reinforcing the hair fibers. It also soothes the scalp with a fresh effect.

The Matte Paste ($24 70g) has a strong hold. The matte paste provides the hair with texture and structure. This product is ideal for flexible designs. It contains Moringa extract, it protects against pollution and UV rays while reinforcing and conditioning hair fibers.

The Wet Gel ($22 150ml)  has a medium-strong hold for flexible styling as well as giving the hair a slightly wet look (how Italian of them!)

Christmas is around the corner and if youre like me then you enjoy choosing gifts for people that can be enjoyed for a period of time and that make them feel good about themselves. Show your man that you put a little extra effort in choosing the right gift for him.


  1. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Hi Sara! Niiiiiice review :-)))

    Perhaps something to give my brother in Christmas gift or for his birthday! ;-)

    These products should be found in Sweden too I hope? :-PP

    It would also be very nice with some Aftershave, Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne reviews for use guys ;-)))
    [I don´t/can´t use hair products :-( ]

    Btw you are soooo welcome with the suggestion!!! :-)

    Take good care, bedrood!

  2. Marco Delvinni10:09 PM

    Patrick made a great tip, good idea. The review is useful because these are items I wouldn't know of, everything is either a popular brand name or either a specialty of a store. Great ad

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