Everyone Has To Learn To Think Differently, Bigger, To Open To Possibilities

A truly creative person rids him or

 herself of all self-imposed limitations.

Everyday seems to be a fashion and beauty show. Deidra has been styling me up with the most beautiful avant-garde hairstyles that Ive ever worn. How fitting is this large oversized S braid hairstyle??

Inspire and be inspired. There is a lot to learn from people who attain different talents than what we attain ourselves. I am an open learner, Im always intrigued to learn from other stylists/artists on other ways of doing things. These days everybody wants to portray themselves as know it all professionals off the bat, and to me thats quite distasteful and limiting. People that come off like they know everything about one subject actually exude a sense of closure to learning more. I dont think Ill ever be at that level where I feel I know it all, not in my head anyway. Progress means the continuation of learning and who doesnt want to always learn more about what we love to do? Deidra has that same mentality, the ego is left in the dust and eagerness and imagination run wild. I couldnt be happier to get to know this beautiful soul as I have been.

Shes available to work some magic on you as well....


  1. very very creative i am really impressed with her talent, its good, if we always open ourselves for learning than we really can absorb many things :)

    The flexible personalities always learned and share their experties with others as well...

    Bravo :)

  2. Anonymous2:54 AM

    S for stunning ;-) very nice and beautiful! :-))

  3. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Wow I am amazed by this style and the ones from her you posted before. wish I lived in LA so I could experiment with her.


    P.S. everything you said is absolutely TRUE!

  4. OG Diablo4:16 PM

    You have always been open to learning from others that know something you don't. Good for you for changing so much about your approach. Keep it focused and genuine. You're going places mamasita

  5. I enjoy when you promote fellow stylists, shows your own confidence in your field. Just promise me you won't turn your blog into an advertising website. Not that you are but I know there is money behind blogging...just don't sell out. That's my two sense for the day.

  6. Ion?? I dont blog enough to be an advertising blog. lol dont be mean either! people gotta get in where they fit it, ya dig? besides, this is a beauty blog not an everything but the kitchen sink blog. lol