Deidra Is Now In Los Angeles!!

Thats right, straight from Ohio, Deidra has been making BIG waves in the Los Angeles beauty and style scene. She has over a decades worth of experience in hair styling. To be shamelessly honest, I categorize stylists/artist I know on 3 levels- Gifted, Talented and Threatening. I like to believe Im on the talented level but Deidra, she is threatening. Her work looks like it took 2 to 3 hours to perfect but in reality it took...ready for it....30 minutes!!! Yeah it is safe to say she truly is an artist. Aside from making faces with braids on the back of your head she also has the ability to write out words or design logos with braids. Since meeting her I have had AMAZING hair styles. She styles my hair each morning and I get so many people from the street that want to take photos of me and meet her to tell her how incredible she is. Its a matter of time before this artist gets swooped up for industry (entertainment) work. If you are in Los Angeles and are interested in having her work her magic on you then make sure to call her for an appointment.

Deidra 818-58D-SIGN (37446) work
         937-520-3875 direct line


  1. Anonymous11:58 AM

    That is awesome her work...!!! You look great too :))!!!

  2. Anonymous12:06 PM

    It looks very beautiful and very unique :-)...yeee she is very good!!! I don´t know much at all about this but she is an hair-artist for sure ;-))!

    Summery: She is very talanted and you look very beautiful and unique! - I like it!!!!! :-))


    PS. Take photos of other styles so we can see more and compare! DS.

  3. wow, what a beautiful hair do... wonderful...

  4. nice job...

  5. Tanize1:58 PM

    You make this style fierce. Not the type of hairstyle that anyone can wear, have to have that edge...gurl, you got yourself that edge as well as glamour that allows you to wear so many different styles. Get it gurlll