So Many Treats!

                       (above photo provided by Elisa H.)

This past weekend I was functioning on only a handful of hours of sleep. I had attempted to cook, decorate, work and do my own makeup all before 5pm. Let me tell you that sometimes I amaze myself at all I try to cram in within a day...

I made food but wasnt able to decorate the treats as I wanted to because I just didnt have enough time. The good thing is there were so many treats that nothing was missing for our guests... Deviled eggs, witches fingers, sausage mummies, candy, pasta,cake pops, rice crispy treats and vegetables with an array of dressings. Had such a delicious time


  1. wow,,, mouth watering post.... lovely deco :) waiting for your look for this halloweennnnnnnnn...:)

  2. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Loved It Gem...It was a blast!!!