Simple Yet Chic

Take a simple ponytail, leave out your fringe after making a side part then roll and clip your ponytail in. After pinning your ponytail in securely, lightly spread the "ball" of hair that is rolled. Get some pretty flowers or a bow to clip it in by the base of your ponytail and you got yourself a simply yet chic hairstyle. Those simple steps work miracles on busy days when we need to be everywhere at the same time.

I enjoying wearing this look when I am short on time and want to look put together without spending too much time prepping. It does a great job hiding the fact that hair isnt freshly washed. Lets say its our dirty little secret!

If you have more hair than average (count your blessings!) then make 2 ponytails, 1 above the other but very close in distance. Roll both ponytails under and you got yourself an even sexier look. Having 2 ponytails helps keep your style in place and doesnt leave your head aching in one spot from all the weight of hair.

I hope you try this look, its fun and classy.

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