You Call This Work?

Lets face it ladies (and gents), having a beauty session perks up our self esteem and if we are having a bad day/week/month then going in and tailoring up our appearance always makes us feel better inside too. Psychologists, Bartenders and Cosmetologists share a very special bond, our clients confide in us and share their lives with us and whats on their minds. I hear it all the time, with great pleasure, that a beauty session with me doubles as therapy and insight. Truth is, I feel the same about my clients. I share parts of my life and experiences with them as well and in doing so we form a great bond and we learn to understand each other better.
I may be the one giving the beauty session but sometimes when Im done with my client I get such a sense of enlightenment. I love all the lives that sit in my chair. Each one of them plays a part in my life and I just hope to share a little part in theirs.

Todays appointment has me in such a different mindset. Times are changing and womens roles in society are too. Im not just talking about careers Im talking about life choices.Meeting and talking to other women who have the same beliefs, (not just ordinary beliefs but the ones we dont talk about in public) makes me realize just how much the game has changed. Theres a lot of beauty in that alone. I feel inspired and more deliberate with my actions. Your life is yours and if any of you are going through a hard time then remember that this too shall pass. Your feelings and life choices, beliefs and values are yours, no one can take that from you and hopefully no one will try to sway you otherwise. Live YOUR life, however YOU want it to be. Pressures from society can stall you but stay strong and remember who you are.

much Love and Beauty!


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