6:21.."born free..."

Late nights, early mornings, however you want to call it... some days Im up at 2-3-4 a.m. I put on makeup, I listen to relaxing music, I look at the night sky. I think... a lot.
They say thinking is the talking of the soul with itself. I enjoy that thought....


  1. Namaste My Dear Sara, I do too. This is one of the most remarkably beautiful pieces I have ever seen. Sublime, intense, overwhelmingly serene. I see images of faces in the shadows and the ever morphing light. Truly a majestic journey, made my whole week already better and more centered.I will be viewing this often and will, with you permission, Post it to the page on our site where we share meditative music and thought.
    I cannot thank you enough for this, the timing is perfect, the gift of beauty is a Divine gift and I have no words to tell you how much this uplifts my soul. Blessings be with all you see and hold dear.
    Peace Dear siSTAR.
    Your friend and fellow pilgrim.

  2. Namaste, Michael. I knew you would appreciate it and understand its beauty and purpose. There is definitely something about enjoy this type of music late at night when the rest of the world is sleeping. Thank you for your sweet comment.
    I too see faces and hear little messages. So powerful

  3. Fredrik8:39 PM

    "I listen to relaxing music, I look at the night sky. I think... a lot.
    They say thinking is the talking of the soul with itself."

    Me too! Or to walk outside with my headphones, crouch down and place my palms against the slowly moving water and just connect with mother earth in the middle of the night. Yes, to some it is borderline loony and to people whp passes by probably wonder what is wrong with me, but i wonder what's wrong with people.
    I think it's amazing in this day n age that 2 sisters could be this spiritual. It's really so uncommon these days. Be glad for that :-)


  4. Fedrik,
    thank you so much for your comment. I love what you do with the movement of water. Touch, thought, imagination, relaxation. it all goes hand in hand. Its interesting that you agree that people these days dont tap into their inner selves. My sister and I are definitely spiritual, so is my mama. Its really sad that not many people are that way, however, we do find each other, dont we =) Ive met some pretty awesome people online that share many of the same views. not a lot, but definitely a few gems