Sexy Australian Girl


Today I got a visit from Susan also known as @KungFuPussy. She's my awesome world traveling Australian. Shes a blast to be around, full of energy and color. I wanted to doll her up in a completely different light than she or anyone else is used to seeing her. We took it back to the 1930s for her hairstyle. A nice finger wave with a splash of glitter and gems. We played around with my wardrobe which consisted of a few corsets and a vintage nightgown robe. Added some of my signature silver accessories and we were ready to have fun. Im so glad she was willing to be my model for this look, thank you pretty girl!!

Take a look at Susans website for awesome stories, handmade Origami cranes, photos and videos of our process today!

Susan, I read the desription that your sunglasses banged up the brows...they still look like they held up a bit, my favorite part is your ending! CLASSIC Susan!


  1. Emily6:28 PM

    Love the eyes!

  2. Anonymous8:33 PM

    OMG OMG OMG! Susan looks fab. Love your handywork, Sara!

  3. Sara your work is really beautiful and artistic. All your models look beautiful. Keep up your great work.