Out of The Beauty Tool Box

This photo above is a glimpse of my setup when I am doing makeup. I am a complete product junkie, I dont use only one brand I use them ALL! Although I am a firm believer that quality cosmetics dont always have to deplete your savings I do suggest in investing on a few items that come second to none.

I love cosmetics that are multi functional so when I noticed Nars carries multi-purpose sticks that can be used as an eyeshadow, lipstick, blush or as a highlighter I was as inspired as any MUA is at the moment of a discovery. They run about $39 a piece and are highly valuable. This product is carried with me to ALL my shoots because I can use as much or as little as desired.

My favorite shades are Copacabana, Southbeach and Orgasm. 

 Use on the high cheekbone area for a dewy fresh look as well as on the body for a bit of pop, especially in photos! This product is worth the money and your results will leave you camera ready!


  1. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Sarah, I am a fan of your blog and find the stuff you post and mostly YOU yourself interesting and i do believe that you know what you're doing when it comes to MU. so I have a question for you which i would appreciate if you could help me with.

    I always see on the pictures of celebrities(paparazzi shoots, not even professional ones) this fresh looking blush that looks so creamy and natural. i typically don't wear lots of MU but 2 things are always with me 1) Mascara 2)a good blush/bronzer. so I've been trying to find out what will give me that natural creamy pink glow. i noticed the Nars product you posted and thought i'd ask you as an expert on what you recommend :)

    Keep it up :)

  2. Who am I writing to, may I ask? Thank you for the lovely comment and I would be happy to answer your question. What we see in photos and even tv is quite different than what the makeup looks like in person. In photos we reflect light from a flash so keep in mind if you want that sunkissed look to NOT overdue it with bronzer. Bronzer looks best when it isnt applied as blush. It is meant for only a touch of '"glow". Try to avoid areas like your forehead and chin. Look for the apple of your cheeks or the cheekbone and lightly brush that area after you've already applied your blush. Try to stay to colors that are close to your skin tone as well. Cream sticks are great because they blend well, NARS Multi stick (this posts subject) is perfect for that glow you are looking for.

    Okay, I hope answered your question. If not, lets narrow this down again =)

  3. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Thanks Sarah. My name is Shahrzad :)
    I completely agree with the photo flash. I'm def. not one of those people who looks at these airbrushed photos and says i want to look like that lol ;)
    ok so i think i want to try this NARS stick. now i have a really tanned skin tone and i want that healthy pink/coral look. so what's the color name you think i should go with? and I have never felt comfortable using creamy blushes and sticks. what is the best time/way to use them? with fingers? brush?

    Thanks again :)

  4. Shahrzad joon, nice to meet you! I think I will write up a post about cream foundations because after I wrote to you late I was thinking about what it was you may really enjoy using.

    Back to cream blush ;) if you have tan skin then try to test out Pal Beach, Lamu, Laguna or Maldives. Its hard to say what color may work for you because I havent ever seen you before. But nonetheless, try those out. I hope they work out for you!


  5. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Gem love the new background...your doing a great job...I am still in the process of my blog but cant wait for you to see it..Take care and you rock!!!oxoxoxo

  6. Thank you, love!! I look forward to seeing what you come up with. I hope it serves your business well! xoxoxo

  7. Anonymous12:55 AM