Alaina Huffman

Alaina Huffman aka Black Canary from Smallville and Tamara Johansen from Star Gate Universe had an appointment with me to go darker. Yup, its that time of year where we switch our golden locks for something more seasonally cohesive, reds!

I am a huge fan of redheads, I love all shades of red. Some of us can easily transition from color to color depending on skin tone and eye color.

Alaina is the perfect candidate of any hair color. She has the right amount of warmth in her skin and her eyes are an amazing color of gray that actually seem to have a reaction to what shes wearing, talk about getting into character! 

She is a natural ash blonde but had heavy highlights and a few honey low lights. Her hair is porous and didnt have any pigment so we mixed up a natural base
with some pretty reds and got our result. 

After we did her hair I quickly applied some eye makeup and lipgloss. Shes beautiful, isnt she?

So happy and honored to have worked on her. I look forward to even going a little darker with her hair!! Lets see!

So if you are interested in coloring your hair a shade of red or are planning on going darker from light hair, remember your hair will hold the color better after the second or third time applying the color. Why? Because lightening hair strips the pigment out. Your hair cuticle is open so color cant stay in as long as it would had you not lightened.

Try going a shade darker than your target shade so when it does wash out it washes out to the color you originally planned on.

Seasons are changing, your hair color should too! Its fun, try a new color out, it will change your whole look.


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    She is very beautiful in red hair, me like :-)))).....

  2. Anonymous9:15 PM

    Wow she is BEAUTIFUL!! love the red on her.