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2011 has definitely been the year of the weddings. I have been quite blessed to be apart of such an important and special day for so many lovely brides. Your wedding day should be your day, a day when you are completely pampered and prepped for your soon to be husband. Finding a makeup artist (mua) shouldnt be a stressful decision. Some women have such busy schedules that they dont know what to look for in a makeup artist or what to expect.

Things To Communicate To Your MUA:

Date of wedding                          Allergies
Day or Evening ceremony              Skin Type
Season/ Color Theme                  Desired look
# of bridesmaids

these question help your MUA understand a little more about you and your goal for the wedding. Cut out images from magazines of looks you like to show your artist. Communicating with your MUA is the most important element to achieving your dream for your day

Why Is Bridal Makeup More Expensive Than Regular Application:

Bridal makeup runs a little more than a regular makeup application because of the time and detail placed on the work. Skin prepping, last minute maintenance and the quality of makeup is a factor in the price.

During your skin prep your face is moisturized and a mini face massage is given to get the blood flowing and muscles tightened.

Last minute maintenance such as threading of any hairs that look to be coming through and eyebrow upkeep are all included. Remember, if you choose to have your facial hair threaded off then this is something that should be done a week before the wedding to avoid redness or any temporary skin irritation.

The makeup used for brides is at your choice of airbrush or cosmetics that are high definition, waterproof and photo finish ready. During your consultation you can ask your  MUA if he/she offers airbrush.

Make sure you have enough time for your makeup application. Dont expect to be done and out in 30 minutes. This is your wedding day, you should give your artist at least an hour to perfect all the fine details that your soon to be husband will looking at. Dont forget the time needed for your bridesmaids if you choose for them to have their makeup done as well. Usually a MUA will have an assistant for the bridesmaids.
 Hiring your artist allows you to save time and gives you the luxury of not risking anyone seeing you from coming back to your hotel or venue from the salon. Your hired artist can touch up anything needed right before you are ready to be seen.

Remember These Little Tips!!!

Get a good nights rest so you wake up refreshed and energized. I cannot express this enough, please give yourself the time your body needs to relax and rejuvenate. I have needed to address a few brides skin issues due to a late night of drinking and not getting enough rest. Your face will show how tired you are and how rough the night before was, so RELAX and get your rest!!

Your wedding day shouldnt be the time for you to try out new styles. You dont want to shock your guests with a look that isnt you. You want your guests and most importantly your honey to see you, not the unfamiliar look. Stay close to your style, if you are a natural minimalist with makeup then going dramatic may not suite you very well.

I hope this post has helped you understand a little more about what to expect. Congratulations on your engagement and let the wedding planning start.....NOW!

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