Union Hotel In Los Alamos, CA

The historic Union Hotel in Los Alamos is the perfect place to stay for a weekend getaway. I used to stay in Los Alamos but never at the Union Hotel. Back then (8 years ago) the doors were always closed to people who were not staying at the famous historic building. Today, the doors are open, the Saloon has live music on Saturday nights and if youre hungry then have a bite to eat where so many people from the past dined and stayed while traveling through. The street in front of the hotel used to be the original 101 highway which has been moved 1/4 mile west.

Upon walking into the hotel you instantly feel the vibe and elegance of life in California back when most of the land out here was dirt roads. The hotel is a perfect place for a romantic getaway or even a girls trip away. There is a lot of history here and if your imagination is anything like mine then everything your eyes look upon has a story of its own. Who once owned these beautiful pieces that now decorate the hotel? What types of travelers came through here? How many shoot outs? murders? secret rendeznous? Was it always busy with cowboys and 'saloon girls' or was it empty most of the time? I love thinking about those types of things and knowing it happened within the same walls that still stand..

Walking upstairs to where the fun is. At the top of the stairs on the right is a long bookshelf antique books. I wonder how many were bought to be placed there and how many were left behind through the years...

across the book shelf is where the card players hung out. The rooms are so incredible. I can almost see how things went down. Some rooms even have sinks in them to keep things clean, if you know what I mean.

down the hall across from the book shelves leads to the Governors room and Presidential suite. The book shelf on the left is actually a secret door. I wonder what types of situations that door was used for..

This room blew me away. So bright and airy with its own balcony. The antiques in this room add to the ambiance of this beautiful place.


walking into the foyer I spotted another book shelf that lead to another secret room...

exposed brick walls, separate room and living room with the bathroom uniquely designed to have full view of the bedroom while bathing. that is romantic, isnt it?

the window by the bathtub that looks onto the bedroom definitely is a favorite feature. The Victorian Mansion which is next door has that in all their rooms too, glad to see it in the Union Hotel

The Presidential suites private balcony overlooks the beauty of Los Alamos. Mountains and trees. This town is definitely a place for those interested in getting away from the noisy city life and reconnecting with nature.

On weekends the hotel also bbq's in their backyard for their guests

Heading back down to the main floor where the saloon is. Come check this place out, it really is everything you think the wild west would be.

here is my friend Ubaldo who manages most of the main attractions at Los Alamos. When you come, you will see him around and he will definitely greet you with a smile and light conversation. Tell him Sara sent you and Im sure you'll get great tidbits of the town and fantastic service.

Ive stayed at 2 of the 3 rest stops in Los Alamos, the Alamos and the Victorian Mansion but unfortunately never the Union Hotel because it was so exclusive to get in. Im glad that I stopped by this amazing little town because I was offered a stay here whenever Im ready. I will take them up on that offer, especially knowing Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney filmed Say Say Say here and Johnny Cash used to play here in what is now the main dining room at the beginning of his career

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  1. Anonymous7:38 AM

    I am having my husband take me here. This place looks so historically preserved. GreT post, I looked online for more photos but didn't find any. You had the right idea with taking so many pictures on your private tour