Slick Rick

My client Rick's style is definitely unparalleled. He works like crazy so I made the trip over to his house so he could rest while I worked on his hair before he had to head out back to work. Awesome guy with an astounding taste for music.
Mohawk with horizontal black and white stripes. Totally feelin it. He is a natural level 4 so coloring his hair black then bleaching it took 2 washes, once to color then the other to bleach so I didnt have to worry about the black mixing with the bleach. so much fun. next time Im going to shave a design on his sides, talk about inspiring right? Some clients keep me on my toes without even knowing it

Some guys can wear the mohawk look so well, Rick owns this look. Stay tuned for an upcoming shoot with Rick with his hair styled up in the long mohawk. Glad to know you, buddy

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  1. Anonymous3:56 PM

    You did it Gem...They came out great!!!