Sexy Gingers

I have an obsession with redheads. I am so amazed by the color of their hair, their eyes and pale softness of their skin. Quickly after introducing myself to Melissa I told her I loved her hair color and couldnt wait to get started on her. Her eyes are so very sexy. Her whole self is sexy. Loved her transformation, she inspired me for other projects.

enjoy the photos

look at her, for heaven sakes!! She reminds me of Jessica Rabbit, totally knows how to work the expression.

My shoots with Wild Whim Photography have me inspired!!


  1. Roxanne11:18 PM

    I like these photos a lot. You all did a wonderful job executing 'sexy'. How much do you charge for hair and makeup?

  2. She is gorgeous!! I love red heads w blue eyes! So seductive!

  3. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Your pale skin with dark hair and gorgeous wide eyes looks better than any ginger! you are soo beautiful
    even 3 coworkers passed by asking and demanding me to tell them who the gorgeous woman on the screen is..I told them its Sara Lime