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Ive mentioned many times how I hope this blog will serve as a source for inspiration and an outlet for not only my creativity but that of my friends as well. Stylist Gabe Jenkins does exactly that, inspires creatively. In his relatively new career as a Los Angeles based stylist, Gabe has already knocked down some milestones that usually take a few years for a weathered stylist to conquer. Creating new looks and teasing the senses with style and a polished finish is the theme to all his work.

I love his work, I love how classy and wearable all these looks are. I like when work can be wearable, not only viewable. If you are interested in following Gabe's work or even hiring him for your next shoot or project then remember to take down his info!

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You're all about the Mane attraction, how long have you had your hands in hair for?

 That I am! I've been doing hair professionally, if you include my time at the academy, a year and a half.

The beauty field brings out a lot of divas that are saturated in confidence, sometimes too much. What traits make a person attractive to you?

 I do my best to ensure that I stay relatable. No one wants to feel lower than someone else, staying on the level of any client is my primary concern. Also being personable, contributing advice, and making sure they look good after my chair and on their own keep me smiling bright and my clients coming back to me.

Is there one tool or product in your hair kit that you cannot live without? if so, what is it and why?

 I absolutely cannot live without my Mason Pearson brush. It is THE ideal brush, I accomplish so much with it in terms of clean styles, editorial styles and everything in between. Consider it my security blanket, and let me tell you, that brush isn't going anywhere anytime soon!

There are so many different projects that require a stylist, of all projects where do you find yourself most at home?
(example: fashion shows, weddings, photo shoots, creative shoots, etc)
 Photo shoots and creative projects I find myself most at home and in my zone at. Not to say that I don't enjoy the others but I get to really express myself as well as contribute to a bigger picture, no pun intended, and that to me is the most rewarding. I get to contribute to an industry that through my inspiration others become inspired and nothing beats that.

Stylists all have a favorite "type". what is yours? Redheads, Brunettes? Blondes? Brownettes? what is your type?

That's a tough one. I'd have to say I've got some serious love for Redheads and wavy to curly hair textures. I can't decide between the two so lets just call it a lovely Ménage à trois

Who is your idea of beauty and why?

Call it cliché but I'd have to say Twiggy. Beyond her beauty she was an icon and that to me is 
beautiful. Iconic figures in this industry are few and far between and everyone is striving for it. Someone who went in as an underdog and came out on top--that's truly beautiful. It helps remind everyone that no matter your differences, as long as you rock what you've got, the stage is all yours.

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  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    Wow!!!!! Gabe is pretty good for someone who just started not too long ago. Get the buzz going about this one.