My Beauty Hairem


                                                    "No Smoking"

 Being a freelance stylist allows me to work in different locations for different projects, which I love. Along with being available on call, I also take clients in my house. Many stylist are familiar with the kitchen salon- a chair, little table and supplies. I had been doing that for a while till I had enough clients to sustain a little area in my home other than the kitchen breakfast nook. Im not done with my home parlour just yet but I have been able to work comfortably in the space. Here are a few pictures of the area, some were taken early in the morning others late at night, just like the hours of my availability, ha ha..

I occasionally have clients that bring their friends, spouses or family members along for the beauty session so I was able to designate a little spot for them to sit comfortably while we all talk and get work done.

Dont judge my bare cafe colored walls, they are bare for now, for now.. I have random areas that have some work up, still working on things. I am looking for the perfect table/trolly for my hair color & chemical products. Right now, my huge lounge bag (which is outside of the parlour, lol)  has all my colors spread out on it when I need to go through inventory.. tisk tisk, i know.. but like i said, its still being worked on but I wanted to share with you the space I create in.


  1. Anonymous12:36 PM

    I love it Gem....!!!! It will be a masterpiece once finished...oxoxox

  2. Oh my gosh Sara - it looks so fantastic!!! So excited for you!!!

  3. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Love it Sara! Beautifully done girlie! So proud! -Amie

  4. I love it!! So excited!

  5. So you get ready there too or is it just for work? That's really cool my friend has a loft that he converted to a home salon.

    Keep it up

  6. Jon~ its my personal space, I get ready here every day. I a, actually found in the parlour over anywhere else in the house. lol. I wanted a space big enough to be comfortable for if I do choose to do hair or makeup at home.

    everyone else~