Where The Chicks Hang Out

The leaves are starting to change color and the big beautiful moon feels like its within reach to touch. Harvest moons are my favorite. Autumn is soon here, my favorite season. Everything around us is beautiful and on display.

Heading out to my mama's house for some nugget love

 My mom has 26 baby chicks of all different colors. I instantly fell in love with a little tiny one that seems to be only head and butt, lol. The chick looks half the size of the others. I named him Little Butt, my mom says thats the wrong name because he is ALL butt. she named him Big Butt...

For 2 hours each day my mom lets these babies roam free in her garden. My stepdad build a beautiful chicken coop for them that is big enough for me to go in. These little chicks dont know how good they have it. My moms house has always been a place of peace for me. Now it just got more interesting with these little ones. Sometimes I go to mama's house and find her playing the Sitar for the chicks! So adorable, I love her nurturing way...animals need music too...

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