Friday's Inspiration

I am an early bird, I cannot help the internal clock that always wakes me up around 6am. I think its because I subconsciously enjoy seeing the sky change colors in the morning.I enjoy knowing that I am up and getting a head start on my day. On this day I am listening to Vivaldi and its shaping the way I want to feel. Strange no? Some days I want 80s music, most days Buddha Bar & Cafe Del Mar, but today, today I feel like Im gliding on air. I feel soft and graceful but still extreme. Its a good mood to have for a Friday.

Purple lipliner and pink lipstick..why not? Get bold with your lip colors, be extreme! Its a fun beauty statement!

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  1. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Sara, thank you so much for the cut and style. I feel new again. This photo is stunning, your bottom lashes look longer than my top lashes. Next time I'll definitely have you do my makeup too.

    Great website thank you for the link