The Depot Antique Mall & Wine Pub In Los Alamos, CA

Sunday's road trip was inspired by The Depot Antique Mall & Wine Pub in Los Alamos, California. Los Alamos holds a very very special place in my heart and in my past. I spent every other weekend here for 2 years. This is an extremely small community and it really is hidden from the rest of the world. You cant see this little town from the freeway and you wouldnt know what a gem this place is because its not visited as often as it should be.

I am an avid antiquer and love faded finds. If you appreciate the beauty of our past and enjoy roaming the isles of antique shops for hidden treasures then definitely make your way up to The Depot Antique Mall. The depot consists of 3 very large rooms with everything you could imagine. Why drive up to Los Alamos just to go antiquing? I'll tell you why, because the prices and service here WILL NOT BE BEAT. Believe me when I tell you that I have visited many many antique malls and shops and Ill be the first to point out that some venues really mark the prices up. Not here though, you'll be greeted with genuine, friendly service and prices that wont break the bank.
When we walked in I immediately approached the cashiers to ask permission to photograph the interior. Kindly they agreed and as I turned around to walk back I heard "I was wondering if that was you" when I turned around it was Ubaldo, the manager of The Alamo motel that I regularly stayed at. I was so happy to see him that I felt jittery inside. I gave him the tightest hug and kiss on the cheek. He has always been sweet to me, he has always been honest and giving. He told me he now manages several places in Los Alamos, The Depot Mall being one of them.

What a treat, right? 8 years ago this town was my secret hideaway and Ubaldo was very much apart of my memories. Time can be a cruel enemy but also the sweetest reminder of how great people can be. Things may change, people come and go but the kindness and generosity of someone will always remain. Ubaldo told me that seeing me reminded him of a great time in his life, "the good old days" mine too indeed.

Take a look at the photos I managed to snap from inside. I walked out with many beautiful antique tea cups to add to my little collection. Tiffany bought a few different antique candy dishes to add to her enormous collection of candy dishes that she uses as jewelry holders, amazing idea, right?

look at these antique lipstick holders and containers. I have seen a few lipstick containers at local antique malls near my house but the price hurts my eyes. The Depot Mall sells them for different prices depending on how many they can hold. None of them were over $10.

look at the birdcages!! So beautiful and affordable! This place is the go to spot for inspiration and quality under one roof.

I spent a good amount of time here then we were given a private tour of the Union Station Hotel that I have never stayed at but hung around in front of many nights at 2 am =)

I have a wonderful post coming up of the interior of this historic landmark. I am definitely taking Mr. Hernandez up on his generous offer to be a guest as the hotel soon.

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