Bringing Out the Fine....Silver?

My baby buys me unique dishes, plates and serving trays because I really have love to eat food in strange dishes. I love serving my guests in unique pieces too. A lot of it stems from my mother. Growing up she always had beautiful glass w/ silver base tea cups, Persian style of course. Persians use a lot of metals and it is very common to see silver plates and cups used daily. I actually grew to appreciate it more the older I got. =)
Anyhow, Ive has this beautiful 6 spoon appetizer tray for a good month now and Im excited to use it! Ive thought of the delicious treats I could place inside...shrimp, fruit, a mini plate in a spoon serving? I havent decided yet, Ill do a goodle search later for ideas. The spoons are actually rather large, almost the size of my palm (ok fine, we all know I have tiny hands) so the serving is sufficient enough to get the palate going before dinner.

Arent strange plates fun? I love them

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