Gentleman Prefer Blondes

My best friend Stephanie has the skin tone and eye color that matches pretty much any hair color. She has thoroughly enjoyed sporting different colors and styles and when I became a cosmetologist our fun was just starting. After having the beautiful reds and browns she wanted us to start highlighting to gradually go platinum. The photo above is how her hair looked the first time I started working on her. I didnt do those highlights but I did add more fine weave highlights and different shades of golden blonde to blend the colors a little more naturally.
After highlighting her hair throughout a few months it started to look rather light so I was able to focus more on addressing her regrowth and alternating bleach washes in her visits. Today she is a beautiful California blonde..platinum of course.

Remember, if you are trying to go lighter from having dark hair it is a process and takes time. Dont expect to be a brunette or a brownette and instantly becoming blonde over night. Bleaching is really rough on the hair and holding onto your hairs integrity should be a factor in your process. Dont forget to keep up with your trims as well or you'll soon look like you have a cotton ball on top of your head....yikes..

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