Artistic Chaos

Ive been looking online for photos that will inspire me with my decorating for my vanity space. I orginally wanted to keep things light and flowy but as nice and relaxing as that sounds Im just not that type of person. My personality is busy. I like to create, I love colors, photography, women, anything that has to do with beauty. I am still up in the air about the wallpaper design but I know whatever I choose will end up being visually pleasing..for me anyhow =)

Aside from deciding what type of wallpaper to pick I want to get doorway beads or doorway curtains. Since my space is what once used to be our formal dining room, I will need something to give the space privacy. Maybe doorway beads with sheer curtains behind it?...

I love the mirror in this photo. Loads of photos everywhere. This reminds me very much of my sisters dressing room in her house.

I like feminine objects, girlie soft things. Its fun being a woman and most of our fun is in the way we adorn ourselves, our self expression. Im looking to create a space that represents who I am as a person and stylist. I like busy, detailed rooms. When Im working on someones hair I also feel that while they are in my chair they can cast their eyes on any part of the room and have something to look at that will entertain or inspire them in some sort of way.

The search continues and Im always looking for ways to be inspired..

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