Lighten Up

There are 2 really fun and gradual types of hair lightening techniques that I have been getting requests for. So many in fact that I did it on myself too!

Above is the French Ombre technique. The lightener is painted on the ends of the hair giving it a grown out look. Its really fun to play around with, looks great in curls and you can be as subtle or dramatic as you want. From black to copper , blonde to platinum or even brown to green if you want, any color combo works.
The best part is you arent really damaging the hair by the roots because youre only chemically changing the mid shaft and ends of your hair.

Another beautiful French technique is the Balayage technique. This too is done free hand, random sections of hair as thin or as thick as you'd like are lightened. This time you are a bit closer to the root without touching the scalp. Gisele has sported this hairstyle for many years. Its really beautiful and makes the hair 'glow'. If you have curls then it really brings out the visual beauty in your hair.

both styles are very casual yet chic looks. Its a great way to change your hair color by taking baby steps. LOL. Summer is around the corner, lets lighten up and change our look..again...

I did a mix of both techniques on my hair. I have a black base with copper lights. Not a bad photo considering it was taken on my phone.


  1. Oh, I love, love, LOVE this! Maybe I'll be your next client! :) My base is soft black right now - what do you think?

  2. Soft black has a red undertone so we can choose between dark red, copper or carmel color. So much fun and it changes your look without changing too much too soon. Let me know when youre ready girlie and we'll have some fun!

  3. Namaste Sara,
    Your writing is always so clear and personal, I always enjoy you blog, have for years. My old guy gray hair is probably not ready for a change but the whole article caught my daughter Taryn's hair, she has been darkening her hair for years and is always frustrated with the growing out process. She loves this piece and it gave her an "AHAAA" moment last night when we looked at it the first time.
    Thank you for being kind enough to share your view and gifted eye for beauty. Much love and peace.
    votre pèlerinage collègues.

  4. Michael thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. Im glad I was able to inspire!! Tell Taryn (love that name) that the Ombre is visually more pleasing when the ends are lighter opposed to darker. However if her natural hair color isnt too far off from the darker color she applies on then maybe a mix up of the Balayage may suit her nicely! Hair is fun to play around with!!