144th Celebration of Frank Lloyd Wright's Birthday

Last year I joined the Los Angeles Art Deco Society in hopes of meeting other Art Deco enthusiasts. Each year the society has events at different venues from the era bringing its members together to meet each other and enjoy an evening back in time.

June 8th was Frank Lloyd Wrights birthday so on the 10th the society had an intimate evening at the Hollyhock house. There was a silent auction/fundraiser for the restoration and preservation of the house. I was blown away with learning about Aline Barnsdall's life. A single mother by design! That is so bold especially for that time. Her little "Sugar-top" had quite the life. She hired FLW to build her this home along with other surrounding buildings and apartments on the enormous lot she lived on. Her love for theatre is still felt today through what she has left behind

the greatest part about this photo are my booties...
that view is from the dinning room into the kitchen.

the Hollyhocks..
there was even a 30s inspired band to play music throughout the evening
Eric Lloyd Wright
Staples in the Art Deco Society scene.

We had a great time and met some interesting people. To be able to walk around and touch, feel and photograph a historic place that normally doesnt allow such luxuries was so enriching. Good times...


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  2. This is awesome - had no idea you were into Frank Lloyd Wright.

    I picked up a business card holder from Robie House in Chicago when I was there in 2009 based on these windows:


    One of the best conversation pieces and one of just a few favourite possessions.