Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Hapuna, Hawai'i
The feeling you get when youre in Hawai'i stays with you long after you leave. The feeling of peace, serenity and acceptance. The regular topics of discussion in Los Angeles arent even a thought in Hawai'i. The Hawaiian people arent concerned with the latest episode of whatever show is hot right now or who has what. They dont judge and they dont boast. They share and help out and just live life a little slower, a little sweeter. They really do surf on their lunch break and forget what the store hours sign says, in Hawai'i youre always on "Hawaiian time" which means its a 50/50 if the stores will be open or the employe's are canoeing.

The air smells fresh and the sun kisses your skin passionately. The food is plentiful and the cooks are very generous. Everyone in Hawai'i is ohana. Aside from beautiful memories one takes with them the need to live life kindly and mindfully. We forget sometimes, we do. But when you go someplace that culturally takes you in and shares the love in their lives with you then you really just feel a need to do the same with other people... thats the Hawaiian way, full of Aloha

Love this video and funeral at sea of Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole. RIP bruddah.

A hui hou kakou

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