Going Country

I snapped a few photos of Amie Mangola's show at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd. Amie opened for Sara Evans and by the roar of the crowd it was very clear that Amies music is very much loved. She has a very strong and powerful voice. She sang a song called Romeo that I wish I could hear her sing again. I hope she records her version and puts it online soon.

The ceiling of the Parish Room is beyond clever. So many iconic singers on slates or tiles with their faces sculpted on them, Ive never seen such a thing. The picture above was taken with the camera pointed up at the ceiling. You can see the chandelier hangs at the highest point of the A frame ceiling

These are the door to Amie's dressing room. How beautiful, right? Above the doors reads The Confessional. The inside was a mix of Moroccan meets gothic with a splash of Buddhism and retro. It was really all very artfully arranged together

Here I am with Amie, isnt she a beauty? Shes just as sweet and talented. Great memories and another wonderful experience for me.

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