Flirty 30

Of all the birthdays that we celebrate throughout our lifetime only a few make the notable history pages of our lives storybook. 13 was the birthday that we finally became teens and 16 was the year we were finally able to get behind the wheel. By our 18th birthdays we felt the excitement of being legal and getting out to vote. Of all the birthdays we've had we know the most famous and celebrated one is our 21st, the year we could legally buy alcohol! Yes, I was one of the people who only remembers the first 20 minutes of my party and the rest was spent by the porcelain god. After the big 21st we looked forward to becoming part of the quarter century club, celebrating 25 years with the privilege of now being able to rent a car.. smh..

Our 20s were a time of experimenting, exploring and figuring out our limits towards the things we valued in our lives. It was in my 20s that I lost my father. If you are a child of a deceased parent then only you understand the void that leaves behind. No, time does not heal all wounds, it only reminds you of what is still missing. I give thanks to my sweet God above for keeping me and my family healthy. Having my mother in my life has made all the difference. Anyone that knows me knows that my mother is my oxygen, I cannot breathe without her. I have looked up to her and still do in every aspect of my life. I hope to be half the woman that she is. Also along the way I met really genuine people that have taught me a lot about myself and the world around me. Unfortunately I have also lost people that I thought would be in my life forever. When there isnt anything else to learn from one another I suppose the view changes and we move forward. Those 10 years shaped and molded me into the person I will be for the next phase of my life.. Im ready

I just recently celebrated my 30th birthday, 30...sounds so serious..

I woke up feeling really good. I have the love of a very caring and giving man that wanted me to enjoy my 30th in Hawai'i. We were planned to leave for Hawai'i late April anyhow for my best friends wedding but deciding to go on my birthday made it a special treat for my 30th. Yeah, 30 years old is the birthday that finally plants us in adulthood.

5 of our coupled friends joined us on what seemed to be the shortest 5 hour flight Ive ever been on.

Bye, bye Los Angeles...

My fiance, Michael, Ken the groom, and Mike the best man.

Angela the bridesmaid, Tiffany the beautiful bride and moi. (the other 2 couples arent pictured)
Hello Hawai'i...

My sweet fiance treated us all to a fun dinner & drinking that soon became our favorite eatery, Lulu's on the Kona coast. The spot was facing the ocean and it was an outside restaurant which is exactly what you want to feel in Hawaii. I didnt eat, I just had my whiskey and soon became really tipsy..okay fine, I was drunk.

The spot was really fun, a lot of different things to look at. One cool tradition they had going for years was stapling dollar bills to whatever you'd like. Tributes, anniversaries, favorite sports team fan art, as well as birthday wishes were decorated on the bills. The table drew on a dollar bill and stapled it next to Tiffany's favorite actor, Clint Eastwood.
The weather was so warm and humid that all I could think of in my drunken state was to go swimming in the ocean. I dont remember certain things but I was told that I was advised against the swimming idea. As I looked back on the photos I noticed Angela was either getting me or going in the ocean with me. Either way, that's one down ass girl.

It was a beautiful birthday that I will remember forever. That trip set things in perspective even more for me. Positive energy, good people and amazing memories. I wish I could have brought everyone I love but that wasnt possible. The group I was with made me feel like nothing was lacking.

So if youre getting ready to celebrate a 30th birthday party make sure someone has a camera cause you may also drink a lot! LOL. lets make this next decade a positive and giving one!


  1. Namaste Dear Sara,
    Absolutely incredibly beautiful post. I am so glad that Michael did something memorable for you. Sounds like a great trip and memories that will last a lifetime.
    Welcome to adulthood, LOL, it only gets better from here on. The older we get the more we understand and the slower we RE act and the more we act with purpose and intent. I know the loss of a parent, you are right, it never goes away, but in the same way, they never leave you completely. I am sure he is proud of you and the compassionate, caring soul you are. As a Musician he had to appreciate your love of beauty and the natural world while caring for those less fortunate at the same time. Music is much the same. It is an attempt to express the wonder and the beauty of the world around us and reaches out to the souls around us regardless of their circumstance.
    Happy Birthday Sara, it is truly a pleasure to know you and your writing has become so intensely personal, a true gift from our dear God.
    Gracie says now you are just one year younger than her mother, she seems to think that gentle souls all eventually are the same age.
    I do to.
    Peace and light Anam Chara,
    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
    your fellow pilgrim

  2. Rosemarie2:32 PM

    Cool pics!! Looks like you had a wonderful time :) I hope to visit Hawaii someday.. it reminds me a lot of Puerto Rico.