Everything Has A Season

Change is definitely in the air and the future is staring at me directly in my face. At this phase of my life things are busy. An engagement, many of my best friends are also getting married, turning 30...30?...yeah, 30!..wow...I cant believe Im turning 30. Its such a beautiful and scary thing all wrapped in each other. So thankful and grateful to be healthy so far...knock on wood.. and so frightened at what the future holds. My girlfriends and I are in the "OMG, I dont want to believe Im approaching 30" mode.

Growing up in Westlake Village, my surroundings, the people that I interacted with on the regular as well as the influences from the culture around me shaped who I became, who I am today. My girlfriends and I had very different plans than most girls. We did think about marriage and family but we always knew that would come soon enough, no need to rush it. Growing up with 3 best friends I was able to get the support I needed as a young girl. Today, I am happy and proud that we still support each other. We all stuck to the plans we made! No detail to it, just the important stuff. No kids before marriage, no marriage at a young age and make sure we "get it all out of our system" before we become wives & mothers.

We arent kids anymore..We cant goof off like before anymore, decisions actually matter now! Yikes

What am I getting at? Its here, the time that we always daydreamed of when we were younger is closer now then ever before. Husbands are entering the picture, buying property and making a place for the children we plan on having is in motion. Nothing in life is certain and sometimes no matter how much you plan things still can fall apart and go wrong. But as long as we set up some sort of blueprint for how we want things to hopefully go then we are ahead of the game.

So, if you are approaching 30 then you know the excitement as well as indifference that swims within us. We made it this far, and ladies, supposedly our 30s are the best years of our lives! Lets see what this decade has in store for us. What type of new challenges we will face, what sort of accomplishments we'll make. What we will pass down to our children so they will pass down to theirs!

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