Childhood To Adulthood

This photo above is of me and my best friend Tiffany when we were 12! The world was new and our dreams were really big and really odd. She was the friend that heard all my first stories, she was there! The first time I had a crush, my first kiss, my first love, my first heart break. She was there for it all and when we werent sleeping over at each others houses, we'd be on the phone till we fell asleep or our families needed to use the Ive shared some incredibly deep experiences with her and have grown from watching her handle her own lifes experiences. She was the one that did everything right, the first time. Me, I was all over the place. falling in and out of love, getting into trouble, doing things out of character. It was Tiffany's serious tone of voice that leveled me out many many times. Anyone that knows Tiffany knows that she is always joking around, always laughing and always VERY quirky. Shes a very calm and collected person and has a really good head on her shoulders. Its a trip to look back and see how much we have grown, how much we have changed through the years..

I recently did her hair and makeup and took her engagement photos for her and her love, Kenny. They are getting married in less than a month and Im so happy for them. If anyone ever had a solid and secure relationship, its these two. I love them with all my heart and wanted to share one of the photos from their session.

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