Charity Sees The Need, Not The Cause

2 girls, 50 homeless people, 50 fully loaded boxes of cheese burgers, corn on the cob and beans as well as 50 coke cans. Elina and I made some people very happy and full. It did get a little scary at some points so we decided to get in the car and pass out the food. Yeah, with a window open in the back they all swarmed the car and actually started to make their way in through the window. At one point it just seemed like a sea of hands and shouts of "coke too, fork, give me a fork." As a few would approach clusters of more people would walk up to the car and ask for some food as well. She and I would pass out the food that took us a few hours to prep and make in what seemed like a few fleeting moments. As we would ask them to please not push on the car and ease back they just ignored our voices and wanted to see our hands reach towards them with a box of goodness.

Homeless people of all ages. Women who were half dressed and sleeping on the sidewalk still managed to have acrylic nails on that looked to be recently applied. Of course I couldnt help but want to make eye contact with a few of them, women in particular. I saw a woman with blue eyes blonde hair and dark black liner smudged around her lower lid. She actually had soft eyes, almost like I could see a better life she once lived and she knew I noticed..

Today could have turned out in many different ways, we chose to spend it by making random people happy. Feeding people and giving them something they cant get easily on their own was how we spent our morning. Elinas random acts of Godliness ground me and make me so much more appreciative then I am. I need her strength and light in my life always, as does the rest of this world. She makes life beautiful.


  1. Kudos to you guys, Sara. I recently moved to an area not unlike this - Vancouver's a weird place where some of the most trendy spots and amazing lofts are within half a block of some of the most rapid crack trades and destitute urban populations in the country. I'm still not sure how to sum up my feelings about living here as a whole, but wrote a blog about an experience I had in late-February.

  2. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

    I am so very proud of you, you make my heart soar and give hope to all you encounter. May the universe hold you dear and safely for all the time you choose to spend on our plane of existence Bless you and all you see and feel.
    Your friend and fellow pilgrim