Love Is In The Air

2011 is definitely the year for getting married. It seems as though all my friends have chosen 2011 as the year they want to make it official. When it rains it pours, right? Right!

I originally planned to tie the knot in October but am forced to admit that I sort of pushed my own wedding planning to the back burner since I have been helping out with my friends' weddings, lol. I love the " wedding 101" course Im getting with all that is involved with everyone elses wedding. I really like seeing how differently everyone is planning their wedding. Gives me a better understanding about what it is that I want. Im all over the place with my wedding wishes. I want things to be really sweet and detailed because, after all, I will remember my wedding day forever.

I have a few amazing websites that inspire me that are designed for the handcrafted weddings. Love Ruffled the most! But there are also other really cool sites like 100 Layer Cake and Inspired Goodness . So much too look at and so many different ways to get inspired!

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